To Investors

Where can I see your roadmap?
What if you do not hit the soft-cap?
How can I get profit buying WBT?
How will founders & team members get their tokens?
Advisory board members?
Do you have Escrow?
How do you know the price of WBT?
Who provides code & security audits?
Which platform do you use for your tokens?
How will you distribute tokens?
Is this a long-term investment?
What do you need this money for?
Do you have different milestones depending on how much will you attract?
Do you have any pre-arranged agreements?
Do you have an MVP?
Can American and Chinese citizens participate in token sale?

To Miners

Where can I download your software?
How do I mine a coin?
What platforms will be supported?
How do I create a wallet?
How do I start mining with Whalesburg?
How can I get payouts?
What is an ‘approved’ block?
Which currencies will I be able to mine?
What will the pool commission be?
Which GPU are supported?


How does remote control work?
How will I get the money?
What is the general way it operates?
What are bounty campaign terms?
Will you payout with fiat money?
How will I be able to track income?
How do you secure stability?
How do you split shares?
How does it work?
What are the first steps?
Where was the company founded?
How do I reset my password?
Why buy our tokens?
Will you add a referral program?
What is the team background?


What is the token ticker?
What will the soft-cap and hard-cap be?
When will the token sale end?
What discounts will there be during the token sale?
How do I buy Whalesburg tokens?
When will I get tokens?
When will the pre-sale start?
When will the token sale start?
Will be there a whitelist?
How many tokens will be distributed during the token sale event?
How many tokens will be created?
When will I be able to sell this token?
Which exchanges will list WBT?
What will the WBT token price be?
Can I buy WBT with a credit card?
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